“Elizabeth’s experience as a prosecutor gives her the experience necessary to reform the way our community handles crime. Her lived experiences set her apart and make her an excellent fit to serve as Dakota County Attorney. I am proud to endorse Elizabeth Lamin.” 

Liz Reyer

Representative, District 51B

Ruth Richardson

State Representative - District 52B, A two-term Representative from Mendota Heights, Sunfish Lake, and Eagan. Authored 28 provisions that passed into law during her four years in the House, including a bill that addressed catalytic converter theft.

“Elizabeth will advocate for fundamental change in how we approach criminal justice by understanding that the same tools don’t work in every instance.”

Mike Supina

Eagan City Councilor

“Elizabeth is a proven prosecutor and leader who will bring a fresh perspective and an innovative approach to public service. She has taken serious and violent offenders off the streets and made our community a safer place. She has also partners with the mothers of murder victims to organize their pain and loss into preventing further violence and supporting families impacted by gun violence. Her focus will always be on supporting victims and listening and responding to her community’s needs.”

John Choi

Ramsey County Attorney

“Elizabeth has proved herself as a frontline prosecutor, I’m excited to see how she leverages an incredible depth of experience and vision to help us put violent offenders in prison and get others on the right path. She truly strikes the right balance between compassion and justice.”

Mike Martin


As a longtime AFSCME member, Elizabeth is proud to be endorsed by AFSCME Council 5.

StonewallDFL has endorsed Elizabeth Lamin for Dakota County Attorney.


Amy Anderson
Lee Atakpu
Holly Brod-Farber
Artem Bunin
Tim Carey
Neal Cohen
Anna Christie
Leigh-Erin Irons
Jill Fedje
Derek Fitch
Kevin Fleming
Ryan Flynn
Margaret Galvin
Gordon Gendler
David Glaser
Colin Haley
Tom Hatch
Patrick Hest
Sarah Hilleren
Christos Jensen
Andrew Johnson
Karen Kugler
Rachel Kraker
Elyse Less
Pete Marker
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Saraswati Singh
Hassan Tahir
Fue Thao
Alex Tselos
Ka Vang
Jen Verdeja
Jeff Wald
Heidi Westby
Stephanie Wiersma
Somah Yarney


David Minge
Terri Stoneburner
Edward Toussaint
Jack Van de North


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