Elizabeth Lamin for Dakota County Attorney

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Meet Elizabeth

Elizabeth Lamin is an accomplished prosecutor with over fifteen years of experience, handling thousands of criminal cases and trying complex homicides, shootings, assaults and other serious felonies.  Elizabeth decided to become a prosecutor after working and advocating for battered women in Winona, Minnesota.  She began her career as a prosecutor in Stearns County where she worked in a rural/urban setting handling all levels of criminal cases.  For the past thirteen years, she has worked as an Assistant Ramsey County Attorney trying more cases to verdict than any other attorney in the office.  Over the past several years, she has helped form restorative justice circles that work with families impacted by violence as well as currently and formerly incarcerated individuals to form circles of support. 

She is a gifted relationship builder, partnering with law enforcement, families of victims of violence, and community members to seek evidence-based practices that promote justice for all and also ensures that our system is equitable and promotes greater community safety, accountability and greater cost-effectiveness.

Elizabeth has a B.A. with honors from University of Wisconsin, Madison in History and Political Science and received her law degree from the University of Minnesota Law School Magna cum laude.

She is a proud resident of Dakota County. Elizabeth Lamin grew up in Mendota Heights, and now lives with her family in Eagan.

Elizabeth Lamin for Dakota County Attorney
National Night Out, August 3, 2021
Elizabeth Lamin for Dakota County Attorney
National Night Out, August 3, 2021

Elizabeth’s Vision

Help make Dakota County a model of safe, compassionate, and just communities that rely on evidence-based programs that work for everyone by electing Elizabeth Lamin as County Attorney.

As Dakota County Attorney, Elizabeth Lamin envisions:

  • Combining compassion and justice to help Dakota County become a model jurisdiction that uses evidence-based programs and outcome-based policies that show measurable results that lead to improved community safety
  •  Creating a veterans court to address the unique needs of veterans who enter the criminal justice system and that recognize their great contribution to society and the special challenges they face
  • Strengthening Dakota County’s drug court to become a model program targeting high risk and high need individuals who require programming that combines drug treatment, daily accountability, housing, job placement and a path to the future
  • Strengthen families and juveniles in crisis through a collaborative approach with justice partners, youth services, and community based programs that assist with mentorship, mental health, chemical dependency, and education.

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